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Clove Oil

Rectified Clove Oil

Rectified Clove Oil

Description & extraction:
A native of indonesia and the malacca islands, it is an evergreen tree that grows to about 10 meters (30 feet) tall and has bright green leaves and nail-shaped rose-peach flower buds which turn, upon drying, a deep red brown. These are beaten from the tree and dried. The latin word 'clavus' means nail shaped, referring to the bud. Clove essential oil is extracted from eugenia caryophyllata (also known as syzygium aromaticum, eugenia aromatica, e. Carophyllus) of the myrtaceae family. Clove oil is a very potent oil that should be used with great care in aromatherapy, it does have wonderful properties - from stimulating the mind and lifting depression, to aiding digestion, relieving pain in arthritis and rheumatism, easing respiratory problems and assisting leg ulcers. Clove oil can be extracted from the leaves, stem and buds. We sell clove leaf oil, which is extracted by water distillation, containing the desired lower percentage of eugenol.

Toxicological Properties:
Clove oil are analgesic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, anti-neuralgic, carminative, anti-infectious, disinfectant, insecticide, stimulant, stomachic, uterine and tonic.

Uses & Precautions:

Clove oil is useful for its disinfecting properties, relieving of pain, especially toothache, arthritis and rheumatism. It is effective when used for complaints of the digestion system. It is also of use for skin problems - especially for skin sores and leg ulcers and as an insect repellent.
Burners and vaporizers
In vapor therapy, clove oil can be useful for bronchitis and dizziness and to help lift depression, while strengthening memory and fighting weakness and lethargy.
Massage oil
Clove oil can be used in a blended massage oil to assist with diarrhea, bronchitis, chills, colds, muscular numbness, spasms, rheumatism and arthritis. For toothache the outer jaw can be massaged with this oil. Use a low dilution of less than 1%.

Shipping Options:
We have shipping our goods by Air as well as Sea and also shipping i.e. DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT, & EMS.
ProductRectified Clove Oil
Lot No.As Mentioned On Label
Manufactured DateJuly. 2010
Best BeforeJuly. 2012
AppearanceFluid liquid
ColourPale Yellow colour
OdourTypical odor of Clove

Physico Chemical Properties:-
Optical Rotation0 to -1.5 (-1.2)
Refractive Index1.527 to 1.535 (1.530)
Weight per ml.1.038qm to 1.060qm (1.045)
Assay82 %+ Eugenol (Complies by GC)
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Purpose of Requirement:

Reselling End Use Raw Material


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